Post Modern Primitive Eye Protection Sunglasses SS22

The sun is a powerful thing. Not to be dramatic, but without it the world would quite literally stop turning, and while the sun may giveth, the sun can also taketh away… Proper protection against the sun’s powerful rays is of the utmost importance for any sentient being, which is why we are thrilled to announce 12 brand new colorways of our Post Modern Primitive Eye Protection™. We’re hitting you with updated colors of our beloved Tani, Newman and Staunton silhouettes ranging from Forrest Green to Havana Yellow. Not one’s to pick favorites, this drop includes 4x new colors for each style. Choose one, choose a couple, try 'em on, try them again, get a magnifying glass and use them to burn that letter your ex wrote you. After that if for whatever reason you don’t like them know that you can return them for free within 14 days of purchase!