Mutant Sequencer Vol.1

At Brain Dead we operate under the assumption that artists do their best work when they get to drive the creative. Brain Dead, the Los Angeles-based collective, announced today that they are making their official entrance into digital media with “Mutant Sequencer,” a series of five animated short films each produced by cutting edge creative selected from Brain Dead’s collective of artists and designers. The shorts are made in collaboration with Illumination Labs, a division of the legendary animation powerhouse Illumination, that explores alternative and boundary-pushing short form animated content geared towards an older audience. The series will premiere with the first short on Friday, April 2nd and can be seen on YouTube. Subsequent shorts will be rolling out daily.
With shorts created by Pete Sharp, Jordan Speer, Devin Flynn, Steve Smith, and Darío Alva, the “Mutant Sequencer” series is Brain Dead's first foray into a "media first" project, in which they create the media before the merch. Brain Dead and Illumination Labs gave the creatives complete artistic control over their projects, whether they wanted to prioritize storytelling, production design, or pure experimentation, and gave them no explicit constraints, reflecting their shared commitment to putting culture and creatives first.

  • Terrorforming

    April 6, 2021

    A cosmic opera about Mice & Angels.

    Written & Directed by Pete Sharp
    Animation: Pete Sharp, George Wheeler, & Steve Smith
    Sound & Score: Lung Dart

  • It is Just the Night Winds Waving the Tree Branches

    April 5, 2021

    Leave a trail of bread crumbs.

    Written & Directed by Darío Alva
    Animation: Darío Alva
    Music: Diego Navarro

  • S.L.U.G.Z.

    April 4, 2021

    It is 2026. New York City is under 600feet of water, famine & radiation have transformed the human race into a mutant species of trash eating freaks known as S.L.U.G.Z.

    Written & Directed by Steve Smith
    Animation: Steve Smith
    Music: Jerry Paper
    Starring: Clay Tatum & Whitmer Thomas
    Character Concept Art: Tim Ryan

  • Clutch Diamond

    April 3, 2021

    The privileged man child Clutch Diamond finally meets his match: An AI car with unfathomable features.

    Written & Directed by Devin Flynn
    Animation: Devin Flynn
    Music: Hankey Pankey
    Starring: Devin Flynn & Vivian Flynn

  • Gremlin Foundry

    April 2, 2021

    A peek behind the scenes at the Gremlin Foundry.

    Written & Directed by Jordan Speer
    Animation/Modeling/Design: Jordan Speer
    Music: Jerry Paper & Tom Whalen
    Special Thanks: Mel Hari & Steve Smith