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All Rise T-Shirt - Purple


Our Classic T-shirt.


Color: Purple

Material: 100% Cotton

ALL RISE is an experimental program in the world of DEI. Brought to you by LBR, Braindead and Ashima Shirashi, the focus of ALL RISE is simple; make climbing more accessible. LBR will serve as the physical location of the program. Think of it as the ALL RISE Ground Zero. What we seek to accomplish at LBR is the following:  Build a new kid-friendly wall in our front room to accommodate children and teenagers from surrounding schools Grant approved groups of kids continuous free-access to the gym through school programs and the Long Beach YMCA’s Boys and Girls Club. Spread knowledge of ways to get outside safely and responsibly Sponsor promising young athletes by raising funds to supply them with gear, competition entry, and youth team access Create job opportunities for teenagers from these programs that want to share their passion for climbing with their younger peers Help our neighboring kids define themselves through a new activity, and build their confidence. 

It is our belief that bettering ourselves is synonymous with bettering our community. The ALL RISE Foundation is our way of giving our neighboring youth a new look on the world and themselves through climbing. ALL RISE is our promise to keep rising, together. ALL RISE. ALWAYS RISING. 

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All Rise T-Shirt - Purple 2
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