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Joe Roberts ACAB Coloring Book - White


Coloring book by Joe Roberts.


Critical Resistance’s vision is the creation of genuinely healthy, stable communities that respond to harm without relying on imprisonment and punishment. We call our vision abolition, drawing, in part from the legacy of the abolition of slavery in the 1800s. As PIC abolitionists we understand that the prison industrial complex is not a broken system to be fixed. The system, rather, works precisely as it is designed to—to contain, control, and kill those people representing the greatest threats to state power. Our goal is not to improve the system even further, but to shrink the system into non-existence. We work to build healthy, self-determined communities and promote alternatives to the current system.

Critical Resistance (CR) is building a member-led and member-run grassroots movement to challenge the use of punishment to “cure” complicated social problems. We know that more policing and imprisonment will not make us safer. Instead, we know that things like food, housing, and freedom are what create healthy, stable neighborhoods and communities. We work to prevent people from being arrested or locked up in prison. In all our work, we organize to build power and to stop the devastation that the reliance on imprisonment and policing has brought to ourselves, our families, and our communities.

Joe Roberts is a San Francisco-based artist, whose work breaks from the conventions of visionary art to explore new ways of depicting the psychedelic experience, is like stepping into one of his unapologetically hallucinogenic paintings: a world of cascading cosmic imagery, pop culture symbols, and shifting geometric mandalas and patterns. The walls might feel like they’re closing in on you, but the cacophony of shapes and colors fuels a curious euphoria that leads you onward through the trippy hallways of Roberts’ mind. - Amadeusmag

Material: paper

Made in the U.S.A.

Joe Roberts ACAB Coloring Book - White 1
Joe Roberts ACAB Coloring Book - White 2
Joe Roberts ACAB Coloring Book - White 3
Joe Roberts ACAB Coloring Book - White 4


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