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Prince Graphite 107 Racquet - Multi


Prince x Brain Dead Graphite Raquet.

Color: Multi

When Brain Dead first began brainstorming ideas for this collaboration, they knew that their foray into the world of Tennis could only be done in an original way - one that represents the splendor and controversial nature of the sport during the 80s and 90s. Tennis has embraced the cultural shifts and fashion trends of every decade without straying from its essence and ideals. But even as the sport continues to evolve and adapt to commercialization, brands like Prince are steadfast in their ability to capture and characterize the spirit of Tennis - both on and off the court.ย 

With this collection, Brain Dead draws inspiration from Prince, an original tennis brand that has triumphantly captured a lifestyle synonymous with its legacy and the players that made it famous. Starting with the legendary Prince Ace Face collection, Brain Dead plays with the idea of Tennis counterculture, envisioning the sport as one that is radical and free-form.ย 

The mesmerizing, all-encompassing patterns and color-blocked panels convey the image of a holistic player - one who draws parallels between sport, design, and art. The Brain Dead x Prince player is a multifaceted individual who is not restricted by the rules and sets new standards for themselves and others.ย 

Prince Graphite 107 Racquet - Multi 1
Prince Graphite 107 Racquet - Multi 2
Prince Graphite 107 Racquet - Multi 3
Prince Graphite 107 Racquet - Multi 4
Prince Graphite 107 Racquet - Multi 5


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