Brain Dead Equipment: Climbing D1

(Mon, May 27, 24)

Brain Dead Equipment is an ongoing series of accessories conceived and crafted for the all-condition generation. Furthering Brain Dead’s signature design approach, our Equipment line bridges functionality and style, through innovative materials for durable experiences.

For this Equipment drop, we adopted a climbing focus, producing a series of products that can be worn on the summit, and in the city. This Equipment drop features an Alpine Backpack, a Chalk Bag, a Cinched Chalk Bag, and a Hip Bag, together with three graphic T-shirts, two hats, and a “Nature Nurture” bandana.

Our new Brain Dead Equipment Climbing capsule will be available on May 28th at 10AM PT on and all Brain Dead locations.

Whether you climb mountains, or obstacles in your life, Brain Dead Equipment is here to help.