Brain Dead Equipment: Climbing D2

(Thu, Jun 06, 24)

Brain Dead Equipment is an ongoing series of accessories conceived and crafted for the all-condition generation. Furthering Brain Dead’s signature design approach, our Equipment line bridges functionality and style, through innovative materials for durable experiences.


For our second climbing drop, we produced a series of products that can be worn on the summit, and in the city. This Equipment drop features a 4-panel Sport Hat, a Lizard Spiral hat, and a “Nature Nurture” bandana alongside new colorways in the alpine backpack, chalk bags, and hip bag.


Brain Dead Equipment is here to help, as you reach for the peak of a mountain, or of yourself.


Our new Brain Dead Equipment Climbing Drop 2 will be available on Friday, June 7th at 10AM PT on and all Brain Dead locations.

Brain Dead Equipment Nature Nurture Bandana - Green