Brain Dead Fall 22 Drop 2

(Mon, Oct 17, 22)

Our Fall 22 Drop 2 Collection is jam packed with delicious pieces that have been patiently brewing in the Brain Dead ecosystem. Bright, textured, and more playful than ever, our latest drop is an amalgamation of the carefree and the carefully constructed. Designed with lads, ladies, and little fans alike, there’s something in the mix for everyone.

Highlights of the collection include our zebra dye flight pants, cozy embossed fur full zip, Human Hardware satin jacket, waffle snap front shirts, teddy fur vests, and many more. I’m about to just list everything in this collection because it’s just that good. The designers really outdid themselves again, playing with a variety of textures, new cuts, and expansive styles.
brain dead fall 22 d2

For our convertible skirt, we worked with the talented Ema Gaspar to create illustrations that wiggle effortlessly across the material. Our Hypermesh top and Slip Dress features art by Carolina Lindberg. Her style captures a surreal softness that also worked effortlessly with our burgundy and moss mesh long sleeve tops. Her bold strokes form a juxtaposition with her natural and free form shapes. The London-based Spanish artist was able to give her impression of the Brain Dead woman in these printed colorful pieces. Other pieces from the women’s collection include our vibrant patterned slip dress and equally eye popping mesh button up, rhinestone coat, fuzzy polo shirt, and more.


But wait- our kids collection may be smaller in size, but the graphics remain as big and bold as ever. Every piece was designed with even more comfort and wear in mind. This time around we have sweatpants, hats, pullovers, t-shirts and long sleeves for the cutest humans. And not to mention a 16-eyed teddy bear. Keepin’ it funky for the little ones.

Brain Dead Fall 22 Drop 2 will be available online at 10AM PDT on October 18th.


Photography by @asatoiida
Puppets by @bobbakermarionettes