Brain Dead x Earache Collection

(Mon, Jan 16, 23)

EXTREME gear engineered for EXTREME music. 


Introducing our Brain Dead x Earache capsule collectionEarache, founded in 1985 by Digby Pearson, has been a staple in hardcore music for over three decades. The part record label, part digital rights company, part publisher has remained fiercely independent and privately owned despite ushering in some of the most influential hardcore acts ever.


The Brain Dead x Earache collection will be available for purchase January 17th @ 10AM on WEAREBRAINDEAD.COM and select retailers world wide.

For any and all purposes, we created the breathable Morbid Angel Jersey and accompanying waterproof Morbid Angel Camping Chair. Widely renowned as the kings of Death Metal, Morbid Angel’s unapologetic sound erupted from Florida and changed the scene forever.
Our all-comfort Napalm Death T-shirt is commemorative of THE most influential band in extreme music. Napalm Death’s debut album,‘Scum’ ignited a new wave of grindcore and extreme bands for decades to come. Their unlikely global success is backed by their cult fan base and millions of records sold.

See the future, be hardcore.