(Mon, Jan 09, 23)

The name "NANGA" originates from Nanga Parbat, the Himalayan peak known to climbers as the Killer Mountain. Their philosophy is simple: create quality gear that can endure the most extreme conditions. Every NANGA item is created by skilled designers in Japan. All of their down is proudly sourced from mature waterfowl and treated in-house.


The entire NANGA meets Brain Dead collection will be available January 10th at 10 AM on wearebraindead.comΒ and select retailers worldwide.

Our Brain Dead x Nanga Multi Toned Olive Puffer is densely packed with white goose down for the coldest of nights. Three dimensional tailoring allows for a wider range of motion and a raised neckline helps keep the cold at bay.

The Brain Dead x Nanga organic sleeping bag is designed for the perfect sleep in the great outdoors. Double stitched and padded with white duck down- created for one... or two. Built to be lightweight to pack and fold on the go.

The Brain Dead x Nanga Paneled Puffer Shirt is filled with the perfect amount of Spanish Down. Lightweight yet insulated, the puffer shirt has two easily accessible zip front pockets. Big enough for a phone or a headlamp, and waterproofed on the outside of each pocket for safe keeping. Also, our comfortable graphic Nanga x Brain Dead T-shirt is a casual option for the warmer of days.


Photography: @kosuke_adam
Models: @himimojo