Peruvian Alpaca Knits + Energy Absorber Clogs

(Mon, Jan 30, 23)
What’s flame resistant yet butter-soft? Our unwavering devotion to hand twisted Peruvian Alpaca Wool. We've planned, schemed, and plotted to keep its luxuriousness permanently in the Brain Dead ecosystem. Since 2020, our love grew from individual releases into a full out collection. This line marks our largest release of Peruvian Alpaca Knitwear, with a variety of textures, color combinations, chunky stripes and blended blurry lines. Our Brain Dead Knitwear Line and Zoccolo Energy Absorber Clogs will be available January 31st at 10AM at and select retailers worldwide.

Our 2023 collection spans from our buttoned up multi-colored Alpaca cardigan, silky pullover Alpaca crew necks, to our ethereal soft blended fingerless gloves, and striped chunky boxy knit sweaters. In between the bold and blurred color combinations, every marled multi-tone sweater and beanie uses hand twisted multiple-ply yarn for dynamic moving color.

For a full body recalibration, our Debossed Zoccolo Grey Energy Absorber Clogs are a step in the right direction. Like walking on a cloud, our reimagined rubber insole is a guaranteed no slip with a reinforced rubberized toe cap. Kept snug by an elastic grosgrain band and accented side metal hoops and studs. These embossed and pillowy clogs are soft, with an edge.


Photographers: @laviena.echev
Models: @celestial_investments, @rydermclaughlin
Styling: @shirleykurata