Brain Dead x Spotify

(Thu, May 02, 24)

We've teamed up with Spotify to present two events celebrating Hardcore Punk in Houston and Los Angeles. On May 2nd in Houston, New Jersey hardcore punk band Gel performed alongside Bay Area punks SPY; on May 4th, in Los Angeles, once again Gel will be joined by California hardcore band Diztort.


The Brain Dead x Spotify capsule will be available May 3rd at 10 AM PT on and all Brain Dead locations.


HARDCORE GARDENING PLAYLIST – full of hardcore classics and fresh favorites to awaken your senses and your plants.

To celebrate the release, a special capsule inspired by radical gardening, and hardcore. The collection is introduced by a video directed by Jonny Look, in which a hardcore musician wanders through the forest to explore plant life and generate sounds from nature.
Under the claim “Plant Growth Through Extreme Noise,” the capsule and the video both deal with the juxtaposition of some heavy hardcore sounds and looks with the ideal tranquility that nature usually provides. Horticulturist, author, and lecturer, Chris Beardshaw says that hardcore music helps plants grow. Stacked against other sonic selections – like classical music and pop –plants nurtured by hardcore music proved to grow faster than plants grown with any genre.


Photography: @asatoiida