A.S. Roma x Brain Dead

Brain Dead has collaborated with the Italian soccer team AS Roma to create the limited edition 4th kit, which has been added to the Konami eFootball PES2021 as part of the latest Data Pack 3.0.  Roma will use the kit for the official PES eFootball Pro 20-21 matches:

Dec 12: FC Barcelona v Roma

January 16: Roma v Monaco

January 30: Juventus v Roma

February 13: Bayern v Roma

March 13: Roma v Galatasaray

March 27: Roma v Manchester United

April 10: Roma v Celtic

April 24: Arsenal v Roma

May 8: Roma v Schalke 04

The AS Roma team was created in 1927 in an era of change, where just a few strong entities were able to stay alive, the Italian capital needed a team with the aim of bringing Rome sportsmen together to create a great team capable of beating the northern sides.

It is with this same attitude that Brain Dead started. With the irreverent “Stamp Out Reality” (“Sradicare la realtà”) motto, Brain Dead created a current that is now able to bring subcultures to the world. 

With the purpose of creating a long lasting project with Roma,  Brain Dead started designing a collection from the Capitoline Wolf symbol as its crest. By creating patterns with the “colors of the city - yellow and red - beloved by people of the old districts and the city suburbs”, Brain Dead and Roma developed a kit that resonates the essence of a team that was able to bring victories to its people with just pure passion for the game.

A.S. Roma x Brain Dead