(Covid-19 Policy)

Precautionary Measures

As the situation with Covid-19 evolves our top priority during these challenging times continues to be health and safety of our co-workers, customers and communities.

In doing so we have decided to take extra precautions and scale down our fulfillment facility for the total duration of the emergency, as advised by our home state https://www.cdph.ca.gov/Programs/CID/DCDC/Pages/Immunization/ncov2019.aspx. All Brain Dead employees are being paid their salary in full and their positions are safeguarded.



If I place an order is Brain Dead still delivering my package? Yes, no orders have been canceled. We are working with our shipping partners to make sure every package is safely delivered to you.

Can I still make returns? Yes, as usual we are accepting returns. No exchanges. Please refer to our shipping & returns policy for more information.

Temporary measures: Any orders will be prepared and processed within 5 working days. Our trusted carriers (USPS and DHL) have also scaled down operations and their shipping services currently take more time than usual. 

International Orders: If you are buying your Brain Dead product from outside the U.S.A. your items may receive a secondary customs check, which may slow down your shipment by 1-2 working days.

How is my order packaged? All shipments are being handled in a clean and safe environment. We can ensure 100% of our packages are being shipped following Covid-19  policies set in the state of California. For more guidance on Coronavirus, please refer to the World Health Organization website.

Is it possible to reduce contact with Drivers? Absolutely, all of our trusted shipping partners are well aware of the situation and have taken special measures to reduce contact with customers. Both DHL and USPS will be placing packages at the customer's doorstep and stepping back. If an ID check is required, these are now performed at a distance. 


Fighting Covid-19

We have decided to help our community of artists by organizing free online "live" shows with our best friends at NTS. The so called Brainwave Training OR are happening every Thursday from 12:00pm PST onwards. The proceeds from the shows will be donated to the artists whose shows and tours have been canceled due to the pandemic. 


Holiday Shipping Info

Dear Brain Dead supporters, due to COVID-19 there’s been a sharp increase in global e-commerce shipments. Our carriers have informed us that shipments may be delayed for up to three days this holiday season. Don’t trip, we will continue to do everything we can to get your holiday gifts to you safe and sound. Thank you for your support in these weird times, it means a lot to us!



We thank you for your continuous support, Brain Dead