Reebok x Brain Dead Beatnik - Slate/Collegiate Navy/Black

$ 120.00 USD

The Key: Vintage navy split suede vamp over ivy green midsole and slate gray rippled outsole. Bare brown and ivy green custom heel webbing straps at heel and forefoot respectively, each dressed in “Brain Dead” wordmark. Yellow filament strapping hardware adorning Reebok Vector and wordmark. Pellegrini cavallino boogie forefoot upper.

Color: Slate/Collegiate Navy/Black




researcher and historian Solomon Wright has discovered two ancient artifacts – the historic Beatnik (“The Key”) and Pump Court (“The Battery”) - unlocking a door to interdimensional travel. “When I first read the manuscript written by Solomon Wright, I was shocked - How could such important research not be taught in school?, I had heard theories of when and where humans came in contact with technology before - evolution, creating the wheel, fire, etc. but never read anything so compelling as Solomon’s book.” Compelled to help spread Solomon’s knowledge, Moon made contact. “When I reached out to Solomon ... I was surprised to find him not doing so well financially. His house boat sprung a leak and he recently lost his car, and was having trouble getting around town - a sad fate for someone who had discovered interdimensional travel. So I pulled some strings and told him I’d make a film to help get people interested in his research. This adaptation film is a testament to those who have not yet received word of Solomon’s book. It’s just a taste of Solomon’s sacred knowledge.” A short version of the film can be found HERE in this page, revealing Solomon’s key findings, the ancient Beantik and Pump Court (serving as “The Key” and “The Battery” respectively), that when used in synchrony at the right time and right place can open a door to interdimensional travel.