Brain Dead x Mubi Present: The African Desperate + The Kingdom

(Thu, Jan 26, 23)

MUBI is a safe haven for cult classics and indie films alike. The African Desperate directed by Martine Syms is a standout in the collection for its decisive tone and sharp comedic sensibility. 

“Syms’s whip-smart satire brings the invisible, everyday negotiations of a Black artist to startlingly visual life.” The African Desperate gets its title from the main character's momentary mispronunciation of African Diaspora during her MFA thesis. What follows is a twisted tale packed with dark humor. 

Our Brain Dead x MUBI African Desperate T-shirt is an amalgamation of design and comfort. An homage to Martine and the film, every shirt is made with 100% cotton and designed to maintain the butter soft feeling with each wash cycle.


On January 27th, The African Desperate short sleeve tee is be available at @ 10AM PT and will be hitting the MUBI Shop on February 3rd. Members can watch The African Desperate by Martine Syms and more with a 30-day free trial to MUBI via

Look over the ledge, find truth in each other, we’re all missing something.

The Kingdom Exodus by Lars von Trier, the third installment in the Danish trilogy, marks a return to the original 90’s haunted hospital and a long awaited conclusion to the now 13-part miniseries. All five episodes will screen chronologically at Brain Dead Studios Fairfax on January 30th and 31st.

Our exclusive Brain Dead x MUBI The Kingdom T-shirt is an homage to the series' legacy as a whole. First airing in 1994 and inspired by Twin Peaks, The Kingdom created a spectral world ripe with supernatural horror and absurdist humor. Printed on 100% butterfort cotton, every shirt was designed with wear in mind.

The Brain Dead x MUBI Kingdom Tee will be released on January 30th at, the MUBI Shop and Brain Dead Studios.

The entire miniseries is available to stream globally at MUBI now. Visit for a 30-day free trial.