New In: Brain Dead Equipment Climbing Bags

(Mon, Apr 24, 23)

Our Brain Dead Equipment climbing bags come with the baked in guarantee of vertical adventures and long lasting gear. Tested by professionals and approved by peers, our BD Equipment Climbing Backpacks, Chalk Bags, Cross Bodies, and Utility Bags are constructed with optimum movement in mind. A multi-purpose standout, the BD Equipment Climbing Backpack boasts mesh drawstring pockets, a secure drawstring top, and gravity proof cross body adjustable straps. Keeping the bag on the body, no matter the angle of the dangle.


Our Brain Dead Equipment Climbing bags will be available Tuesday April 24th at 10AM PT on and at select retailers worldwide.

For the utmost convenience, our BDE Cross Body and Climbing Utility Bags help keep essentials organized and within reach. And as a must have for any climber, our BDE Chalk Bag cuts chalk loss with its drawstring cover and provides storage for small must-haves with an additional back pocket.

All the little things add up, and when on the mountain it’s good to keep track.