Brain Dead Peru Knits

(Mon, Nov 13, 23)

Okay, okay, okay: it’s cold somewhere in the world. Cold, not yet freezing, but still cold. Cold weather calls for cozy blankets and sofas. Cold weather calls for hot tea and socks, if you’re home. If you’re outside, and still want to look a good deal, cold weather calls for knitwear.

Fellas, please, listen to us. Your favorite brand is speaking: there’s nothing more important in life than well-made, premium-quality knitwear. You think a long-sleeve or hoodie can be enough, but you’re wrong. Knitwear is of extreme importance: it’s versatile, but elevated. It’s functional, but smart at the same time. You can wear it at work, and on the weekends. 

Our Peru Knitwear is warm, soft, freaky, funky, eclectic, and ultimately, fun. Our Peru Knitwear will become your life companion: whether you need a hug, or you need to hug someone when it’s cold. We’re here.

We’re here, and our Brain Dead Peru Knit will be available on November 14th at 10AM PT on, all Brain Dead locations and selected stockists.



Photography / styling:
Models: @pariahcar3y / @darriandinero