Brain Dead Winter 22 Collection

(Mon, Nov 07, 22)

Our Winter 22 release is full of textures you can feel, even at a glance. Life’s too long to be uncomfortable, settle into yourself and reap the benefits. Within the collection: squiggles, wiggles and stripes reinvent classic Brain Dead silhouettes into creative playgrounds. Our mix of materials ensures that every minute in Brain Dead makes you feel more at home in yourself and more alive than our name suggests.Β 


The expanse of our ecosystem is vast and crawling with every imaginable design. This time, we went into unexplored territory and remixed logos, shapes and cuts to create a steady expansion into a new frontier of comfort and quality: polar fleeces, women’s velvet cord pants, bubbled stretchable long sleeves, mesmerizing Ying Yang half zips, and amoeba wool beanies. Everything and anything was thrown at the wall, our designers combed through the many sketches and iterations to create a streamlined version of our vision for the future of Winter 22.

Our Brain Dead Winter 22 collection is available at, Brain Dead Studios, Brain Dead Fabrications, and select retailers worldwide on November 8th @ 10AM PST.


Lean back, wiggle out of your comfort zone, be comfortable in change. It’s what we can count on.