Brain Dead x Belle & Sebastian

(Tue, Jun 07, 22)

We are thrilled to announce an exclusive capsule collaboration with the legendary Belle and Sebastian. This June they're returning to the Greek Theatre in Los Angeles on tour with their tenth studio album A Bit of Previous.

In some respects, A Bit Of Previous is also a first. It’s the first album the band recorded in their native city Glasgow in two decades and also their first full-length album in seven years. While the arrangements are often playful, there is an underlying gravity to it all. The name itself is a possible reference to reincarnation. So what is a A Bit of Previous? It’s Belle and Sebastian taking on age and getting older and emerging all the more vital for it. A genius at  evolving their own sound, the album showcases a lot of what makes Belle and Sebastian so special and enduring to fans worldwide.

Color my life with the chaos of trouble

Cause anything’s better than posh isolation.

Our designers were easily inspired by the legacy of the band and the lyricism of their influential early album The Arab Strap. The release includes an Arab Strap t-shirt, Arab Strap t-shirt Tokyo edition, and Greek event t-shirt. The Belle and Sebastian Greek Tee is a special revival of their touring shirt from the 90s. Good old reincarnation in its finest.

Our collaborative release will first be available at the Belle and Sebastian LA Greek show on June 4th. On June 7th the capsule will be released at 10 AM PST via, Brain Dead Studios Fairfax, Brain Dead Studios Harajuku and select retailers worldwide.