Brain Dead x Homeshake

(Thu, Aug 25, 22)

We are thrilled to announce our exclusive collaboration with Homeshake in celebration of his release Pareidolia Catalog. Peter Sagar aka Homeshake is an artist that thrives in experimentation and excels at creating unique worlds within each project that he creates. On his last album Under the Weather he says β€œI had a fairly clear idea what the album was going to be like based on where I was emotionally at the time...I just try to make music that is honest about how I’m feeling.” An approach that has served him well and created a breadth of work that speaks to his range and his ear for the honest. Pareidolia Catalog is a unique release for Sagar and consists of an eight volume catalog of instrumentals, loops, and samples put together during covid lockdown. β€œThese tracks were made between December 2020 and August 2021. At the time, Salina and I were going on long walks almost everyday, and we'd always point out the faces and things we'd see in houses, walls, trees, cars or whatever. I started recording them with that in mind, using a couple guitars, a po-33 sampler, a mellotron, and various effects pedals, recorded into a looper.”


Our designers created a t-shirt that speaks to the hypnotic creativity of Pareidolia Catalog. Featuring a meld of Brain Dead and Homeshake aesthetics on our most comfortably designed t-shirt. In addition, we will be putting out a 300 limited edition four-pack cassette release of Pareidolia Catalog. Our exclusive collaboration is available now on, and at Brain Dead Fairfax, Brain Dead Fabrications and select retailers worldwide.