Brain Dead x Kerbi Table Lamps

(Mon, Jan 02, 23)

Stained glass artist Kerbi Urbanowski handcrafted our Brain Dead Table Lamps to perfection. Each piece was designed to be one-of-a-kind and meticulously crafted at Kerbi’s Shop in San Francisco. 


Kerbi says of her work, “Over the past few years I’ve dedicated the majority of my time to studying the foundational history of stained glass.. I’ve honed my skills to become clean and precise. This is where I part ways with traditionalists, embracing craftsmanship and technique while leaving behind templates, prefab designs, and old-school aesthetics.” 


Every lamp’s stain glass faceplate is unique in its composition and color palette. At the base of each lamp is a hand burned signature from Kerbi Urbanowski herself.

Our Kerbi Stained Glass Table Lamps will be available January 3rd at 10AM PT on, Brain Dead Studios Fairfax, and Brain Dead Studios Sunset.

A labor of love, light, and expertise. May these lamps lighten up your coziest of corners.