Brain Dead x Kuumba: Smoke as Ritual.

(Mon, May 16, 22)

Light up in the coziness of your home with our exclusive Kuumba x Brain Dead collaboration. For the late nights, early mornings or somewhere hazy in between. 

Life’s busy and now the days are a bit longer to fit everything in thanks to sweet daylight savings. When night time hits, unwinding from it all starts with getting the vibe right - a favorite song, a salty snack, an amazing smell. Happiness begins and ends with the little things. A new night time routine is right around the corner with Kuumba and Brain Dead’s exclusive incense burners and accompanying incense, brightening up any room with a natural cozy aroma.

Letting you unwind from reality and into whatever comes your way.

The collaboration will drop on on May 17th at 10AM PST or at Brain Dead Studios Fairfax, Brain Dead Studios Harajuku, and select retailers worldwide.

Two new editions of our classic logo head rug will also be available at on May 17th at 10AM PST.

Smoke out reality. Smoke as ritual.