Brain Dead x Magic The Gathering 2022

(Tue, Jul 26, 22)
Magic the Gathering has long thrived within the Brain Dead ecosystem as a point of inspiration. Each release we’ve done with them has allowed our designers to gain a deep insight into Magic’s expansive  world and helped foster a community of excited players at Brain Dead HQ. To continue our ongoing collaboration, we are thrilled to announce our exclusive 2022 Magic: The Gathering capsule collection. Created by the brilliant mathematician Richard Garfield, Magic has a deep sense of elaborate world building mixed with mind melding strategy. With over 40 million fans to date, the game started out in the August of 1993 and catapulted collectible card games to cultural significance. Their expanding breadth of creatures helped reimagine what a fantasy world could look like and fed the fire for a permanent cult fan base. Our Magic nights at Brain Dead Fairfax have stuck out for the friendships made and battles won and lost along the way. We’ve been so grateful to build a community of fun around playing together. 
For our capsule collection our designers helped recreate some of Richard’s wacky world into a wearable one that’s unmistakably Magic the Gathering. The collection includes five uniquely designed t-shirts and two hats. Each t-shirt is a fluid blend of Magic iconography and classic Brain Dead style. Both our five panel hats are adjustable and also feature our signature logo with Magic’s classic font.

The entire exclusive capsule collection will be released at 10AM on July 26th at and at Brain Dead retailers worldwide.

The best kind of magic is the one we create for ourselves.