Halloween H20 with Freddie Gibbs & Friends

(Fri, Oct 27, 23)

A new chapter of our film commentary series with Freddie Gibbs happens on Monday, October 30th. In this episode, we welcome Freddie and a cast of friends like Zack Fox, Brian Moses, and Sushiboy Mexico to our Brain Dead Studios for a Halloween special screening.

For the evening, old mate Fred picks and will talk all over a perfect teenage stoner horror hit, "Halloween H20: 20 Years Later." A 1998 slasher gem starring Jamie Lee Curtis, LL Cool J, and Michelle Williams, among others. A classic! Just like our guest of honor.

On the occasion of this legendary event, weโ€™ve designed a killer t-shirt that will be available at Brain Dead Studios Fairfax on the day of the event, and the same day at WEAREBRAINDEAD.COM for 24 hours only. Run fast to get yours. Run fast from your nightmares. See you at the movies, dead or alive!