Brain Dead Winter '23 Collection

(Fri, Oct 27, 23)

POV: it’s October 2023, you are browsing your Instagram feed, and an image of a lookbook shot in a city you assume is Tokyo pops up. The image shows some Swirls Twill Pants from the new Brain Dead Mainline Winter 23 Collection. As you stare at the green spirals from your phone, you fall into a deep state of hypnosis and you can feel your subconscious speaking from within.


You head over to where you wander around trippy knitwear with bubbly patterns like our Bubble Knit Cardigan, mesh textures coming in lysergic colorways, a Cyber Bunny Sweater that scares you at first but you grow to love it as your spiritual guide through this journey.


You are literally high on clothes. Your head spins while T-shirts, Chore Coats, Work Jackets, Dresses, Hoodies, and Pants materialize in all their glow and glory in front of your spiraling eyes.


Yes, we do that to people.


Wrap your head around this now: our Brain Dead Mainline Winter 23 Collection releases on Tuesday, October 31st at 10am PT / 7pm CET / 2am JP on, at all Brain Dead locations and select retailers worldwide.

You’re not tripping, it’s all real!


Photo: @nathalie.scarlette
Lighting Director: @james_thompson_lx
Producer: @kosuke_adam
Models: @mys_nanami @whyte_masnyank