Brain Washed: New Checkered Hand Towels + Shroom Cola Soap

(Thu, Feb 02, 23)

Some say cleanliness is next to godliness, we say it’s holy to lather in the experience. Our classic Shroom Cola hand soap now has Checkered Brain Dead Hand Towels to complete the experience. 


With a coconut and olive oil base, our suds are all natural and hydrating to the skin. Our restock comes at no surprise, Shroom Cola is a scent that’s hard to forget and easy to indulge in. 


Our new Checkered Hand Towels are extra thick for spa-like comfort and made with 100% cotton. Lightweight and ultra absorbent, every towel was made to keep your skin soft and your hands dry. 


The Brain Wash Shroom Cola Hand Soap and Checkered Hand Towels will be available February 3rd at 10AM PT on and select retailers.