Introducing the Triple Tortoise Frame

(Tue, Jun 21, 22)

Head in the sky but feet on the ground? 

Barreling down the highway of life?

Pull off the fast lane and grab some shade. Look on the dark side with our new release of the Triple Tortoise frame color available in all styles. Truly a technical feat, our designers worked tirelessly with three different acetates to get the formula for Triple Tortoise just right. An amazing alternative to petroleum plastic, our acetate frames are made with plant cellulose. Making them lightweight, comfortable, and renewable. Nothing’s more punk than that. Our restock will be for all of our frames Sugi, Newman, Tani, Staunton, and fan favorite Elia. Made in a little lab by big dreamers, these are for all mad scientists out there.

Catch them while you can.

All eyewear will be available on June 21st at 10 AM PST via Brain Dead Studios as well as