Brain Dead x Kerbi: Return of the Night Light

(Mon, Oct 09, 23)

Look at those lamps! We made them with stained glass artist Kerbi Urbanowski, and we made only 56 pieces. They are all unique, because Kerbi has made them herself one by one in her shop in San Francisco.

The Brain Dead x Kerbi Urbanowski night lights are reminiscent of the shapes, hues, and materials of 20th-century Art-Deco painted windows, but unlike other 1920s artifacts, they can be easily plugged to power sockets. Embrace tradition, enjoy modernity!
Whether you need a light spot guiding your hand to the glass of water sitting on your night table, or one to create a soft, cozy atmosphere, our lamps are yours for the taking on October 10th @ 10AM PT via, Brain Dead Studios Fairfax, and Brain Dead Fabrications.