Brain Dead x Korn

(Mon, Aug 14, 23)

In celebration of Follow the Leader’s 25th anniversary, we’re excited to bring you our official Brain Dead x Korn collection. Born out of the belly of Bakersfield, Korn has grown into nothing short of a global phenomenon over the course of 30 years and 14 studio albums. 

The collaborative capsule spans three exclusive graphic t-shirts and a graphic long sleeve, each printed on our classic cotton blanks. Next up, the Follow the Leader button up and tote bag each come decked with iconic album artwork and to top it all off, we’ve got a Brain Dead x Korn logo beanie.

The full Brain Dead x Korn collection is available online and in stores at Brain Dead Studios, Brain Dead Fabrications, and select retailers worldwide on Tuesday, August 10th @ 10AM PT




Camdon Blount