Fan Favorite Logo Hats, Rugs + Kogan Denim

(Mon, Sep 19, 22)

Look up, look down. Sometimes the best details in life take a real perspective switch to appreciate, whether they’re resting just above our eyeline or snuggled up at our toes. Beauty is everywhere, but especially in our Waxed Brain Dead Logo Hats and Logo Rugs. Sink your feet into some of the softest yet most durable rugs available and add the perfect pop of color to any room. But more importantly take the first step towards breaking the chokehold that minimalism has on our society. Be the change, and the polka dots you want to see in the world. When you’re done reveling in the patterned comfort that is our Logo rugs, consider our waxed five panel hats. A good hat is hard to come by but we think we’ve perfected the formula; simple, well fitting, leather adjuster that stands the test of time. A good one can last you years and ours can stick with you a decade. 


Pair your trusty logo hat with an equally trusty pair of denim. Our classic straight leg denim in both Medium Wash and Rinsed Black have been reimagined, featuring all-over graphics courtesy of Kogan.


Our Waxed Logo Hats, Logo Head Rugs, and Kogan Printed Denim are available on September 20th, 10AM PDT at, Braindead Dead Fabrications, Brain Dead Studios and select retailers worldwide.

In a fast paced world, sink into the details and float on by.