Onyx Collective's Xynophiles Exclusive T-Shirt Release

(Thu, Nov 03, 22)

Our collaborative t-shirt for Onyx Collective’s new film Xynophiles is making an online release following its premier at Brain Dead Studios. Sprouting from New York City, Onyx quickly became word-of-mouth superstars for having out of the box and refreshing shows. Their cult following has drawn in fans far beyond jazz fanatics and more into curious listeners enamored with their out of the box ideas. Their newest project, Xynophiles, features an assortment of one-of-a-kind masks created by Maxwell Deter. Director Mike Swoop combined the mesmerizing visuals of Deter’s creations with the unpredictability of Onyx Collective’s music for a truly unique experience of sight and sound.


Our Brain Dead x Onyx Collective Xynophiles T-Shirt is available on November 4th @ 10AM PDT online and at Brain Dead Studios, Brain Dead Fabrications, and select retailers worldwide.

Invite mystery, experience tomorrow.