Our Exclusive Merch for Freddie Gibbs’ Down with the King

(Fri, Jul 01, 22)

We're thrilled to announce our collaboration with Freddie Gibbs in celebration of his new film, Down With The King. The story of Down With The King centers on Money Merc, an acclaimed rapper disillusioned with the compounding pressures of celebritydom and the music industry. After being sent to the Berkshires by his manager, Merc soon falls in love with the simplicity of farm living and announces his retirement. Thus the conflict ensues and his manager, played by David Krumholtz, travels to bring him back to everything he's vowed to leave behind. Marked by a brilliant performance by Gibbs and directed by the detailed vision of Diego Ongaro, Down With The King delivers in its tonality and scope. Freddie Gibbs has for years reigned as a dynamic force in rap and has built a diehard global fan base. His discography includes 20-plus mixtapes, eight EPs, four official solo albums, and four top-billed collaborative records. Gibbs' unflinching honesty reflected in his lyricism translates effortlessly to the role of Money Merc. Released to the festival circuit with acclaim, the film was featured as part of the ACID lineup at Cannes Film Festival and was the recipient of the Grand Prize at the Deauville American Film Festival and the Audience Award at the American Film Festival in Poland.

Down With The King screened from June 20th to the 27th at Brain Dead Fairfax with a special appearance and Q&A with Gibbs himself on the closing night.

As a part of our collaboration, we will be releasing an exclusive merch tee in honor of Gibbs’ unending supply of genius. The tee will be released on July 1st at 10AM on wearebraindead.com.


Photography: Vivian Khanounsay