Brain Dead x Reebok Shaqnosis

(Mon, Nov 28, 22)

Embark on a brand new journey called existence. We partnered with Reebok to create our version of the legendary Shaqnosis by Shaquille O’Neal. Shaqnosis is a blend of texture, color and design in a hypnotizing concoction. Mixing the surreal and the functional to create a shoe that steps out of the everyday and into the great beyond.


Tighten your laces, double down on your convictions, sink into your destiny. Our signature fuzzy felted texture crawls from our one-of-a-kind laces and onto stripes that swirl across leather paneling. Ecru with pops of greens and blues, Shaqnosis looks deep into the mystical realm of creativity.


Our exclusive Brain Dead x Reebok Shaqnosis shoe will be available November 29th at 10AM PT on, Brain Dead Studios, Brain Dead Fabrications, and select retailers worldwide. 

Paradise is the place where anything is possible. Pivot into your future, don’t look away.