Brain Dead x Soccer Mommy Online Release

(Tue, Dec 20, 22)

First introduced at Brain Dead Studios, our exclusive Soccer Mommy collaborative t-shirt is now available online. Fans who were unable to join us for our Soccer Mommy meet + greet last week will get a second chance to celebrate the genius that is Sometimes, Forever. Sophie Allison’s newest 2022 release, written by Allison herself and produced by Oneohtrix Point Never, was met with critical acclaim. While the pairing might seem unexpected, both artists' use of memory-triggering sounds and hypnotic melodies make for the perfect marriage. On Sometimes, Forever, Oneohtrix Point Never’s boundless synth vocabulary effortlessly complements Sophie’s well-crafted compositions. 


Our Brain Dead x Soccer Mommy T-shirt will be available at on December 20th at 10AM PST, and at Brain Dead Studios.