Brain Dead x Gotcha USA:

Brain Dead and Gotcha are ecstatic to announce our first surf inspired collection. Founded by the late great Michael Tomson, Gotcha was once the biggest surf brand in the world. Producing pieces as innovative as they were prolific, Gotcha’s influence was felt from your locals' parking lot to high-fashion runways the world over. These items include everything from their inimitable use of neon, iconic hand print graphics and (most especially) the Gotcha Shark, which is a facet of both the co-branded logo as well as the above digital short, which follows a shark aptly named ‘Skinny Mike’ as he embarks on a treacherous virtual hacking mission for boatloads of cash. This collection features everything you’ll need for a day at the beach, including towels, hats, and even a soft top surfboard. Remove your human skin and let the sun shine in!

“Gotcha really resonated with me from a young age. I’ve been wearing Gotcha since I was a kid and their style really engrained itself within me. They fully represent the California look and have been a huge inspiration to me throughout the years.” - Kyle Ng