Brain Dead x Interpol

(Fri, Jul 15, 22)

We at Brain Dead are thrilled to announce our multi location pop up and collection with the beloved Interpol in celebration of their new album The Other Side of Make-Believe. The Other Side of Make-Believe began remotely across 2020. In early 2021, Interpol reconvened to flesh out new material at a rented home in the Catskills..” and later met again in North London. Kessler says of the process “Working alone was raw at first, but has opened up a vivid new chapter for us.. each member found a way of expanding their individual circle in perfect harmony.” Their seventh studio album, The Other Side of Make-Believe “extracts the honey” from each member’s newfound space to further explore the band's sound. Which culminated in a refreshingly hopeful record that doesn’t skirt on the emotional reality of today. Kessler concurs: “The process of writing this record and searching for tender, resonant emotions took me back to teenage years; it was transformative, almost euphoric.” Captured throughout shifting locations, renowned photographer and skateboarder Atiba Jefferson exquisitely documented the band’s complex recording process. Inspired by the album and Atiba’s photo series, Brain Dead designers created a collection of t-shirts and a subsequent zine with Atiba’s photos that highlight the process of The Other Side of Make-Believe.

On July 14th at Brain Dead Studios Fairfax Atiba’s short film will play on loop throughout the day. At night, we will host an exclusive 8pm screening of the short film with a subsequent moderated Q&A with the filmmaker himself and our founder Kyle Ng. Our collection of t-shirts, zines, and advanced albums will be available at the event. DJ’s will play before and after the film. Both t-shirts will retail at $54 and will be released at 10AM Friday, July 15th on and at select retailers worldwide.
On July 15th, Brain Dead Harajuku will host an additional pop up. A digital exhibition of Atiba’s work and short film will be shown in store. Our exclusive collection of T-shirts and the zines will be available along with advanced copies of the album. The instore event will be followed by an afterparty.
Interpol will also host pop ups in New York, London, and Mexico city. Brain Dead x Interpol t-shirts and zines will be available at each event.