Brain Dead Spring '23 Collection

(Mon, Apr 03, 23)

Our Spring ‘23 Mainline Collection marks Brain Dead’s long journey into the garden of the senses. Crawling with color and teeming with texture, every piece was calibrated for multi dimensional organic dreaming. With new designs for all genders and benders.


For the entire Brain Dead Spring ‘23 Collection, head to on April 4th @ 10AM to explore the rest of the pieces.

Dig in. The meaning rests below the surface.

First imagined on a sunny day, our Mantis Pill Cardigan is knit with the softest materials for a truly luxurious feel and adorned with hand embroidery. For all climbing critters, our new Buggin’ Out Baggy Climber Shorts are designed with the perfect fit for every occasion. Engineered for kinetic enjoyment, our Thermo Heat Running Set promotes high impact wear with lightweight and breathable materials.
And as dainty as a budding rose, our delicately woven Buggin’ Out Cardigan Set pairs an organically elegant bolero sleeve with a complementing tank, and imaginative designs by Ben Kopp crawling all over. The matching Buggin’ Out Mini Skirt was also woven for maximum texture to bring the depicted critters to life. In this expansive garden of a collection, there are too many blooming flowers to choose from. Some other standouts are the Last Dance Five Panel hat as well as the Striped Micro Sherpa Overshirt engineered for the perfect amount of warmth adjustable the tug of a button.


Photography: @andrewhlee
Talent: @danielfang